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The earth is facing numerous issues related to environmental degradation and various kind of pollution resulting in serious climate change. A decade ago hardly anyone knew about the real danger of climate change, many of them called it a hoax but within 10 years it is the greatest issue that we are facing. But rich and powerful people still behave as if they will survive only the common will have to suffer and they don't care about it. So the time has come that common people should take the responsibility for their lives and start working for the betterment of the environment. There are several issues like air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, shortage of Underground water reserves, drought and floods, etc, and there is one solution that is trees. Reviving the legacy of trees and forests that are our true wealth. Trees have solutions to most of our environmental-related problems and instead of screaming at problems let us start focusing on the real solution. Plant more and more trees associated with Nidhivan Foundation in this journey

Our Mission

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Our Story

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Forestation Benefits for our Environment

We carry out afforestation PAN India using our four on-ground operational models

Human Impact on the Environment

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भारत में गर्मी का कहर बढ़ रहा

हीट वेव की घटनाओं में 25 फीसदी और गर्मी से मौतों में 27 फीसदी की बढ़ोतरी

पाकिस्तान से उत्तर भारत और बांग्लादेश के ...Read More

Thermal Pollution

Introduction: The word thermal means “related to heat”. Thermal pollution means the unwanted changes

 occurring in the environment due to higher tem...Read More

Bio- Medical Waste Pollution

Ø  Introduction Bio-medical waste (BMW) pollution is the pollution caused by the generation of waste materials during the diagnosis and treatment of human being or animal from hospitals, diagnostic labs and animal houses or in research activities related to bio- medicals....Read More



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Tree Planted


Tree Planted


Tree Planted


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Gaurav Yadav


The essence of life is planting trees under the shade of which you are not able to be able to sit." "Love is like a tree. It develops on its own and will plant deep roots in our entire being." "Until it is time to dig up a trench, put a plant in it, nourish it and allow it to last, you haven't accomplished anything. This is just talk. Nidhivan is doing great work in this field.

Pramod Yadav


Nidhivan also aims at convergence with complementary schemes and programmes for better coordination in developing forests and their fringe areas in a holistic and sustainable way. Nidhivan is a valuable platform. It not only helps planting trees. But The interactive platform, custom certificates, and tree tracking features are a great way to help people feel.

Banti Yadav


Nidhivan Foundation is doing the best work I can to become a Green India as of today. This is the best organization to become non-government green Rajasthan which plants trees.Nidhivan is a valuable platform. It not only helps planting trees. But The interactive platform, custom certificates, and tree tracking features & More.

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How We Utilize Your Funds?

Identification of beneficiary Farmers
procurement of saplings
post plantation interventions and monitoring
R&D activities
program Management and administrative

What You Receive?

Certification of

Tree tag with
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Tree location
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Income Tax

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