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Plants From Pollution And Global Warming Nidhivan Foundation Nature Care
Environment NGO, saving trees and nature in India for sustainable development.
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Will You Please Help Us to Save The Nature & Trees by Donation. We are a
Non Nidhivan Foundation is a non-governmental organization working
environmental issues in India. We also educate and involve people to protect
their environment and nature. 

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Heart, As It Is Very Kind and Generous to Donate for The Nature, Our Future. Nidhivan Foundation is working with determination to save the unique qualities
of Nature and to spread awareness about

Every People Deserve The Right To Donation

We carry out afforestation IN India using our four on-ground operations peoples

405 million pepole together global mission work

That’s the number of pepole that may drop out worldwide (3rd year of pandemic).They also lost 2 trillion hours of learning in a classroom environment.

Stats in India

India’s lockdown in 2020 impacte 247 million pepole rolled in 1.5 million tree plateform. pepole have to get back to plateform to ensure they get their basics of tree donation. Basic reading and numeracy skills serve as building blocks of the future.

Let’s bring them back to tree platform

To move them a step towards learning foundational skills, The nidhivan Foundation feeds tree dontion that they look forward to every single day. By bringing them to plateform everyday, you benefit them in the following ways:

Socialization –

they learn how to make friends & socialise with others

Physical well being –

they become healthier by tree dontion

Cognitive growth –

helps in processes of thinking & reasoning

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Our Onground Operational Models For Save The Earth11

We carry out afforestation PAN India using our four on-ground operational connecting with on-the-ground partners to establish viable reforestation projects when the recently affected regions are ready for planting. This fund will contribute to planting projects in india .