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Banyan Tree

The Banyan tree is revered in Hinduism because of its ability to live for centuries and is considere

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Neem leaf is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of

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Parash Peepal (Ficus Religiosa)

You must have generally seen that Peepal plant grows outside the house. This is a plant that grows a

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Sandalwoods are medium-sized hemi parasitic trees, and part of the same botanical family as European

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Bamboos are a diverse group of evergreen perennial flowering plants making up the subfamily Bambusoi

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Sheesham wood is extremely durable and resists dry-wood termites. Sheesham wood neither splits nor w

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Bael Tree

The bael fruit tree is slow-growing, of medium size, up to 40 or 50 ft (12-15 m) tall with short tru

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Project Green Rajasthan

Nidhivan foundation is a non-profit organization that works for environmental protection and save en

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Build A Birdhouse

Bird Houses are often called nesting boxes because they provide a safe place for birds to build thei

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Arjuna Tree

So far, the effects observed on experimental organisms of various components obtained from Arjuna on

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Gulmohar Tree

It is native to Madagascar, and it has been widely planted in frost-free regions for its large scarl

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Amla Tree

Amla, native to India, is a fibrous fruit that grows on a deciduous tree of the Euphorbiaceae family

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