How might Nidhivan reduce the cost of tree planting?

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  • December 15, 2022

Nidhivan is dedicated to saving the earth. Tree planting is part of what we do, and we want to make it as cost-efficient as possible.

Nidhivan could encourage volunteers to take part in tree plantation drives. They could be provided with basic needs such as saplings, tools, and a small allowance for their efforts. This will reduce the cost of tree plantations and help in the conservation of the environment.

Encourage volunteers and members of the community to plant native trees. Native trees are adapted to the local environment and require less water, fertilizer, and maintenance than non-native trees. This could save Nidhivan money while helping to restore the local ecology.

Create a platform for individuals, businesses, and organizations to plant trees together. People can easily connect with others and coordinate tree-planting activities in their community. The platform would also offer resources and guidance to those who want to start planting trees.

Reusing equipment such as shovels, gloves, and buckets for tree planting can save money for the Nidhivan Foundation. The same equipment can be used for multiple planting sessions, reducing the need to buy new equipment each time.

Organize bulk orders of saplings and other materials to lower the cost of planting trees. Leverage existing partnerships with local nurseries and suppliers to reduce costs.

Let us know of any ideas that could reduce the cost of tree planting across the entire process, from planning to implementation.

Bulk Planting

Bulk planting can help reduce the cost of tree planting by buying large quantities of saplings and planting them in a single location. This can reduce the cost of labor, equipment, and transport as well as the cost of buying the saplings.

If you plant it, they will come.

Organize local tree-planting events in your area. Invite volunteers to help plant trees and offer incentives such as discounts or free merchandise. By reducing labour costs and spreading awareness of the importance of trees, we can reduce the cost of tree planting.


Farming is a sustainable tree-planting system that uses natural resources to reduce the cost of planting trees. This system incorporates natural resources such as manure, compost, and other organic materials to create a nutrient-rich environment for tree planting. Additionally, the use of solar energy and natural water sources, as well as locally sourced, non-toxic materials, can significantly reduce the cost of tree planting.

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