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Nidhivan foundation is a non-profit organization that works for environmental protection and save environment from bio medical waste pollution. Nidhivan Foundation's primary purpose is to sensitized and educate people on the ill effects of burning waste. The Nidhivan Foundation provides the details about climate change awareness and the pollution around us. We at Nidhivan Foundation are working towards the cause of saving Earth from Pollution and Thermal Pollution. The planet needs a kind action from us. Nidhivan Foundation is the organization to save our earth from Pollution. We work on sustainable solid waste Management, Bio-energy and other special projects with focus to create Climate friendly society, sustainable environment and a pollution free world. We invite you Green the Planet with Nidhivan Foundation and help to protect the environment and save the nature by planting trees as widely as possible. Contribute for a better world for you and for your coming generations. Nidhivan Foundation is an international, not for profit, organization headquartered in India with registered offices in Argentina that believes in saving the earth, saving nature and planting trees all around the world. Nidhivan Foundation is a voluntary and charitable trust formed in the year 2020 promoting environmental awareness by planting trees, adopting forests and conserving nature. Nidhivan Foundation is an organization, which works to plant trees, educate people on the importance of trees and bring awareness to climate change. Nidhivan Foundation works for a better tomorrow by planting trees and raising awareness about the devastating effects of deforestation. Help Save The Earth & Save The Nature By Planting Trees Help to save the earth and the nature by planting trees. Plant a tress with Nidhivan Foundation Adopt A Tree & Save The Earth . Plant A Tree Today ! Save Our Nature , One Tree At A Time. Donate Now ! Nidhivan(India) Foundation is an platform to identify, motivate and adopt a tree, save the nature and save our earth. Nidhivan Foundation is an environmental & social based non-profit charitable trust which helps to plant trees in our mother earth and share the green revolution. Nidhivan Foundation : 100% Non Profit Organization, Established in 2020. With your support we are able to provide forestation and tree plantation programmed - Save the earth & save the nature by planting trees, as well as donations and aid to Donate Today/Now To Plant/Adopt A tree.

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