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Arjuna Tree

Rural India

So far, the effects observed on experimental organisms of various components obtained from Arjuna only confirm its described properties. Through various experiments, it has been found that Arjuna strengthens the muscles of the heart, the pulse becomes fine and strong and its rate per minute also decreases. Increases stroke volume and cardiac output. The heart becomes strong and excited. It has both blood coagulating and anti-blood coagulating properties. It plays the role of a pillar when there is a risk of rupture due to excessive bleeding or due to the roughness of the cells, but does not allow clots to form in the blood vessels of the heart (coronary arteries) and increases the volume of blood sent per minute from the large artery. does increase. Due to this effect, it expels the body-wide and water accumulated in the air sacs out of the urinary tract. Due to the presence of mineral salts in trace form, it is also a strong cardiac stimulant.

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